User Guide: REVEAL Objects and Unique Identifiers

The purpose of this user guide is to enable REVEAL integration developers with an understanding of how to create standard integration objects through the REVEAL UI as well as how to update and modify unique identifiers that are critical to working with the REVEAL APIs.


REVEAL Objects

Any object that will be referenced via the API has a counterpart within the REVEAL UI.Standard REVEAL objects include:

        Vehicles Ė can only be modified via the UI and API, cannot be created





Some REVEAL objects can be referenced within the REVEAL UI, but can only be created in REVEAL via the API:

        Work Orders

        Work Order Statuses

        Work Order Types

REVEAL Unique Identifiers

All objects within REVEAL that are connected to the APIs will have a unique identifier that is managed by the REVEAL account or user.The unique identifier is not a mandatory field within REVEAL, but when populated is required to be unique.All APIs call the unique identifiers for objects, so having the REVEAL account updated with this information is critical for integration success.


Unique Identifier


Vehicle Number


Driver Number


Employee ID


Group ID


Place ID

Work Order

Work Order Number

Work Order Status

Work Order Status Code

Work Order Type

Work Order Type Code


Creating REVEAL Objects & Unique Identifiers

In this section, when you are going through the steps to create a REVEAL object, this also includes the instructions to update the objectís unique identifier.

REVEAL Admin Objects

The following objects are created using the Admin section of REVEAL:




To create a driver or user visit the REVEAL Admin section:

To create:

        Driver select CREATE A NEW DRIVER

        User select CREATE USER, when creating a new user within REVEAL the First Name, Last Name, and Email address fields are mandatory.An email address can only exist 1 time within REVEAL.

        Groups select GROUPS, highlight the group in the hierarchy where you want the group to be created underneath and select Add Group.You will then enter the New Groupís Name, Group ID, balloon type, and color.

Also, within the Admin section you can modify Vehicles as needed.

Creating Geofences

To create a new Geofence within REVEAL, you will need to go to the Places tab to Create a New Place.

When creating a new Geofence in REVEAL you will want to make sure you also supply the Place ID, a field within the Advanced Options.

Reviewing REVEAL Objects

For REVEAL objects that can only be created via the API, you can review the objectís details within the UI:

        Work Orders

        Work Order Statuses

        Work Order Types

Work Orders can be reviewed by searching on the Live Map by the Work Order Number:

Work Order Statuses and Types can both be reviewed within the Admin > Work Order Map Preferences section.