REVEAL Integration Sandbox Accounts


The REVEAL US and EU environments include production sandbox accounts for integration users to test with prior to developing to a customerís REVEAL account.The integration sandbox accounts are loosely monitored and are to serve as the developerís playground for testing API functionality with REVEAL.However, developers should be respectful of one another within the account to ensure a great user experience for everyone working within the account.With that in mind, the following document outlines best-practices for using the integration sandbox accounts to get the most from your experience.

What is included within the integration sandbox accounts?

The integration sandbox accounts are equipped with live vehicle GPS data streams in the REVEAL production environment.This allows users to test integrations with the same URLs that would be implemented in their production code to REVEAL.

In addition to GPS data, REVEAL features are enabled for Work Order and Timecard functionality where those integrations can be confirmed as working within the REVEAL account.

Add-on features for REVEAL accounts such as Engine Connect for ECM data, Garmin, LogBook, Working Time Directive, etc. are not currently enabled within the accounts.

The integration sandbox accounts enable users to receive both integration credentials as well as REVEAL UI login credentials to ensure everything is operating as expected.

What type of integration users should have access to the integration sandbox accounts?

If youíre a developer that is working on an integration that will POST data to a REVEAL account, the integration sandbox may be the best place for you to test your code so you donít have to trial that within a live REVEAL account Ė however, youíre welcome to use your standard production REVEAL account as well.

Or, any third-party developers or partners that do not initially have a mutual REVEAL customerís account to test against but would like to move forward with completing a REVEAL integration.

What type of integrations do not need access to the integration sandbox accounts?

Any integration where only GET methods are being executed does not require a login to the integration sandbox accounts unless youíre a third-party developer without access to a mutual REVEAL account.

How do you get access to the integration sandbox account?

Contact REVEAL Customer Care or the person that issued your access to the Fleetmatics Integration Manager and request integration sandbox credentials.You should be supplied with an REST credential for the integration sandbox account as well as a REVEAL UI login.

How should I interact with the integration sandbox account?

The purpose of the integration sandbox accounts is to provide developers with a production account to test against while developing integrations to REVEAL.It is important to note that at any time there will be multiple developers testing against this account so it is important to be courteous to others within the account.

The REVEAL team will monitor this account for misuse.If thereís misuse within the integration sandbox that affects other developers within the sandbox account, credentials may be revoked.

Whatís available within the account by default?

The accounts will be populated with vehicles reporting GPS data.You can access the vehicle information by:

1.      Invoking the Customer Meta Data Ė Vehicles API to return a list of the vehicles available; or,

2.      You can log into the REVEAL UI and see the vehicle list on the Live Map or within the Admin > Vehicles section.

What will I need to create?

Any meta data needed for running your integrations is your responsibility to create and manage.For example, if your integration requires drivers to be used, you will need to create driver records by:

1.      Invoking the Customer Meta Data Ė Driver API to create a driver; or,

2.      You can log into the REVEAL UI and create a driver through the Admin > Driver section.

There may be meta data within the sandbox accounts that has been populated by other developers.If you did not create the meta data object do NOT delete it, i.e. drivers, users, groups, Geofences, etc.

If you are working with any DELETE methods, please make sure you have created the object that you are going to test DELETING.

Where do I go to figure out how to create objects and unique identifiers within REVEAL?

If youíre unsure of where to go within the REVEAL UI to create an object or update a unique identifier field, and this cannot be completed via the API, please see the User Guide: REVEAL Objects & Unique Identifiers within the Fleetmatics Integration Managerís Help center.